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Cambridge Digital Humanities is committed to upholding the University’s equality and diversity policy, promoting equality, diversity and inclusivity as the principles that govern our workplace culture.

CDH will ensure that no individual will be discriminated against as set out in the Equality Act 2010.

We encourage the development and support of all members of our community, including those whose identities include one or more protected characteristic.

All members of our appointments committees are required to take the University’s Equality and Diversity and Implicit Bias Training. In addition, all the CDH management, research and administration community are encouraged to take the same training and ensure it is kept up to date. 

Equality, diversity and inclusion are considered in all aspects of CDH’s work, from website images and news stories to events. CDH aims to be as inclusive as possible when inviting speakers and chairs to events hosted by CDH. Additionally, we ensure that assessment panels for our schemes are gender-balanced and as representative as possible.


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