Carleigh Morgan is a Trinity College Research Scholar, Fulbright Scholar (2013-2014) and first-generation PhD candidate in Film and Screen Studies at the University of Cambridge. Her doctoral thesis explores the relationship between cinematic labour and cinematic materiality through the lens of animated filmmaking, owing to its propensity for self-reflexive mediation—across a range of genres, mediums, and historical periods, animated films have often screened the labour of their own animation. Last year she organised an interdisciplinary reading group on reproductive justice with several of her postgraduate colleagues. In this second research life and as an advocate for social justice, she reflects on how neoliberal imaginaries frame popular debates around bodily autonomy: namely, by inscribing reproductive freedom within a set of proprietary relations that align personal agency with ownership of one’s body. She recently received Associate Fellow accreditation from the UK Higher Education Academy, having taught extensively at the university level both in the UK and abroad.

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