Dr Katherine Powlesland is an Italianist working in the Digital Humanities, focusing primarily on the medieval poet Dante Alighieri. In her work, she complements traditional scholarly approaches in literary analysis with quantitative analysis methods (acquired during a twenty-year career in consumer behaviour analysis) and a new lens of embodied immersion from the fields of video game critical theory and neuroaesthetics. Her monograph, Narrative Strategies for Participation in Dante’s Divine Comedy, has been described as ‘a cutting-edge text both in method and in content’ (Italian Studies, 2024). Outside her work on Dante, she is co-creator, with leading Levi scholar Robert Gordon, of an experimental interdisciplinary digital commentary on Primo Levi’s Se questo è un uomo.

Katherine gained her BA, MPhil, and PhD from the University of Cambridge, and has an MA in Creative Writing from the University of Leeds. In addition to her academic research, she works for the University of Cambridge in strategy and transformation.

Selected Publications

Narrative Strategies for Participation in Dante’s Divine Comedy (Cambridge: Legenda, 2022)

Primo Levi: A Digital Commentary, co-edited with Robert Gordon, Charles Leavitt, and Vittorio Montemaggi (2023)

‘Dante and Videogames: The Unrealised Potential of the Virtual Commedia, Italian Studies, 77.2 (2022), 146–56

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