Isabelle is a PhD candidate in the Sociology Department at the University of Cambridge. She holds an undergraduate degree in Sociology and Social Anthropology from the University of Cambridge, as well as an MPhil in the Sociology of Marginality and Exclusion from the Department of Sociology, University of Cambridge. Her current research, which she began as an undergraduate, focuses on the digital mediation of transnational and transracial adoption in the USA – with a specific focus on examining the ways in which intersectional inequalities are reproduced in digital environments. Prior to beginning her academic studies, Isabelle worked in the campaigns and policy sector with a number of national and international organisations. She focused on campaigns against intersectional inequalities experienced by children and young people, as well as holding roles that sought to challenge internal institutional inequality within organisations. She continues this commitment at the University of Cambridge in her teaching and facilitation work. Isabelle has received a number of academic awards, and in 2022 she will take up a research fellowship at the Kluge Center, Library of Congress, Washington DC.

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