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Cambridge Digital Humanities


The CDH Lab offers advice on all aspects of project development from concept, through incubation and start-up, to implementation and sustainability.

There is a wealth of specialist digital humanities skills and resources in Cambridge, and the CDH Lab steers researchers towards the best tools and advice, within Cambridge and beyond, in order to create strong funding applications and excellent scholarship and research.

The Lab also provides longer-term developer support for some DH projects by allocating time from a technical team based in CDH, UIS and the University Library. High Performance Computing Services are available in collaboration with UIS for projects requiring additional processing power.

One example of the support on offer is the Text- and Data-Mining Test Kitchen, an experimental service which explores the application of TDM methods to collections at the University Library and Cambridge University Press and which offers a tailored package of advice covering issues such as IP rights, data access, corpus creation, access to High-Performance Computing (HPC) facilities, data visualisation methods and software sustainability. The Text- and Data-Mining Test Kitchen is run collaboratively by CDH, CUP and the UL.

What is CDH?

CDH is a creative and collaborative space where students, researchers and international visitors can come together to engage in dialogue, experiment with technology and advance scholarship.

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