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The CDH Lab does not directly deliver most DH projects although it may do some direct implementation work on smaller-scale projects where the appropriate skills and time are available. However, this does not mean that the CDH Lab is not involved in implementation.

Having identified appropriate solutions as part of the project concept and start-up phases, the CDH Lab will continue to work with researchers to ensure successful project delivery.

The main part of its work is continuing to act as a 'bridge' between researchers and those delivering the project who may be in other parts of the University or external to it. The CDH Lab will continue to provide advice and support to researchers working with partners to help move the project forward.

The CDH Lab can also help if things start to go wrong or if project timescales slip, suggesting where appropriate different solutions if things change or don't work as expected during the project. Occasionally this might include re-brokering to another supplier.

When a project ends, the CDH Lab can also help to ensure the sustainability of the project's data and help to maintain any websites for an agreed period of time after the project ends.