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The CDH Lab can help you to ensure the sustainability of your research project. This is a particular challenge for digital projects due to the difficulty in continuing to maintain technology such as a website over a period of time.

Once built, a website requires constant maintenance to ensure that it continues to operate and to ensure that it is secure. Over time, the technology of the original site might not work properly with newer web browsers.

Where a project wants to ensure that data will remain available for a considerable period of time, the CDH Lab can help in two ways:

  • Planning a website that can operate for an agreed period of time after the project ends and ensuring that this is hosted securely and kept up to date
  • Working with you to ensure that the data is also submitted to data repositories so that it continues to be available after the website ends.

The CDH Lab can also advise on the appropriate file formats to store data in to ensure that it remains usable for as long as possible.

It is important to seek advice about this as early as possible so that, for example, the costs of web hosting can be built into research bids.

The CDH Lab works with colleagues in the Office of Scholarly Communication, University Information Services and local IT support staff.