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Cambridge Digital Humanities


The TDM Test Kitchen was an experimental service supported by Cambridge Digital
Humanities, Cambridge University Library (UL) and Cambridge University Press (CUP), which aimed to:

  • Explore the application of TDM (Text and Data-Mining) methods to CUP and UL collections.
  • Provide a 'live' learning environment where researchers, CUP and library staff involved either using TDM methods or developing TDM support services can learn more about TDM methods, share good practice and exchange knowledge about how to overcome challenges.
  • Facilitate discussion between researchers, the UL and CUP about how to develop TDM methods and services in future.

For the pilot phase of the TDM Test Kitchen, we worked with researchers who are interested in developing TDM projects using collections held by Cambridge University Library and Cambridge University Press. Projects supported by the Test Kitchen were offered a tailored package of advice covering issues such as IP rights, data access, corpus creation, access to High-Performance Computing (HPC) facilities, data visualisation methods and software sustainability. 



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