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The required element of the course consists of two core courses in the Michaelmas term and two course choices from a basket of options in the Lent term. Students are also required to attend a lecture/workshop series and research seminar programme which will run alongside the courses. Students will be expected to attend training sessions provided by the University Library on bibliographical and library skills, along with sessions on electronic resources.


8 hours of one-to-one supervision per year
48 hours from 2 x core courses and 2 x optional courses per year

Seminars 20 hours of research seminars per year
Lectures 20 hours of lecture/workshops per year


Each student will be allocated a supervisor who gives advice on planning the year’s work and the dissertation/portfolio in particular. Advice on the coursework essays is given by the convenor of the appropriate class and further supervision is offered by the dissertation supervisor, who may read small sections of written work. Documentation offering specifications and guidance in relation to each element of assessed work are provided to students. Progress is monitored through the discussion with each student of draft sections of their dissertations by their supervisor and through submitted work. The short, written exercise, which is submitted in the Michaelmas term, receives feedback from the supervisor; the first coursework essay which is submitted at the end of Michaelmas term, is returned with two examiners' comments at the beginning of Lent term; the Lentterm coursework essay is returned with two examiners' comments at the beginning of Easter term. Supervisors write termly reports online which can be accessed by the student.

How to find a supervisor

Students on this degree may be supervised by members of Cambridge Digital Humanities and by others at Cambridge affiliated or linked with CDH. Please note that although prospective graduate students may wish to look at the list of faculty members' research interests before they decide to apply, it is the responsibility of the relevant committee to consider research applications and to match appropriate supervisors to research projects. Supervisors aren't appointed until after the candidate has been accepted and cannot appoint themselves to supervise a project in advance. Find out who is involved in teaching here:


Dissertation or Portfolio

  • Either, a dissertation of not more than 12,000 words in length submitted at the end of the course (60% of final grade)
  • Or, a portfolio, comprising a dissertation of not more than 8,000 words in length, and a project report of not more than 4,000 words in length. The project report may include a methodological report and technical appendices that may comprise or include elements in visual, digital, or other formats (60% of final grade).


  • One 2,000-word essay relating to the dissertation or portfolio, which is marked on a pass/resubmission basis.
  • Two essays of 5,000 words each. One is submitted at the end of the Michaelmas term, the other at the end of the Lent term. These relate to the work pursued in the core and optional courses and each contributes 20% towards the final mark.

Teaching Team

Find out more about who you'll be taught by here: