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Cambridge Digital Humanities offers a creative space for dialogue, experimentation and discovery. Its main aim is to support, sustain and initiate the development of world-class excellence in an increasingly central and significant field of research and scholarship. Collaborative by nature, CDH depends upon and benefits from the input and engagement of a diverse community within and beyond the University of Cambridge.

Members of the CDH team – including the directorate, staff and affiliates – are keen to liaise with others about new or existing research activities and about ideas that might be developed further in collaboration. The first step in any research initiative, whether in DH or another field, is to articulate the questions or problems that must be addressed if understanding and knowledge are to expand and develop further. CDH is ideally positioned to help members of the DH community at Cambridge embark on that process, whether through its Learning programme, by receiving high-level incubation advice and research support from members of the CDH Lab, by participating in CDH Network activities, or by liaising with individual PIs and other researchers involved in current projects.

CDH Seeks additional collaborations within and outside the University, building upon its ongoing partnerships. Further Knowledge Transfer opportunities are also sought with members of the business and industry sector.

Like Digital Humanities in general, CDH operates in a flexible, dynamic domain that transcends disciplinary boundaries. Its work is defined by the community at large – one which will continue to grow as CDH itself generates further momentum and critical mass.

If you would like to discuss a possible DH project with members of the CDH team, then please email your initial ideas to More general enquiries about CDH Research can be made to Information about the CDH Learning programme can be obtained by writing to, and about the activities of the CDH Network via General enquiries can be emailed to





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