The Cambridge Digital Humanities Academic Visitor programme enables a small number of researchers and students from all over the world to spend time in Cambridge working on Digital Humanities.

We charge Academic Visitors a fee of £720 (inclusive of VAT) per University term for the use of the University facilities. Visitors are set up with an email account; have access to workspace facilities and the University Computing Service Public Workstations; as well as use of the University Library and an invitation to attend some research seminars and lectures. Applications are reviewed termly by the CDH Academic Visitor Committee, and approval is needed before a visit can commence.

Visiting Scholars

We are able to give the title Visiting Scholar to those who are already engaged in an academic career and who are employed by a higher education institution. Such a person will normally have a PhD and will probably wish to come to Cambridge for part or the whole of a sabbatical leave to work on material available here in Cambridge or to engage with Cambridge research projects. Anything from a month to two terms is possible. However, applications for longer than two terms are rare, and special permission will be required.

Visiting Students

Visiting Students are postgraduate students pursuing doctoral research and have permission from their university to come to Cambridge to enrich their studies. Visiting Student status is usually given for up to two terms – Michaelmas (October–December), Lent (January–March) or Easter (April–June). However, visiting Students cannot stay for the whole year without being formally registered with the University.

Visiting Students are expected to meet the University’s standard English language requirements for PhD students.

Once approved, Visiting Students will be issued with a Student Visitor’s Agreement. This should be signed by the student visitor, their home institution and the Director of Cambridge Digital Humanities.

Visiting Students who are not EEA nationals and subject to immigration control will need to be issued with appropriate visa supporting documentation once the Student Visitor Agreement has been signed and returned. If an intended visit is six months or less, the student will require a short-term study visa.

How to Apply

Before applying you will need to find a member of staff at Cambridge who is willing to act as your sponsor or supervisor. This should be the person you would most like to work with or a person whose interests have the greatest overlap with your own. Please get in touch with the member of staff directly to arrange. You can find the academic interests and contact details of CDH staff on the People page.

Please note that Professor Caroline Bassett is unable to take on any more students for the academic year 2022-2023.

To apply, please send:

  • A brief curriculum vitae (no more than three pages).
  • The dates you would like to visit.
  • A covering letter stating why you wish to come to Cambridge.
  • An outline of the research you propose to conduct while you are here (two pages maximum).
  • The name of the member of staff at Cambridge who is willing to act as your sponsor.
  • A letter of recommendation from your university supervisor or head of department stating the reasons why it would be helpful for you to spend some time in Cambridge. For Visiting Students this letter must confirm that the period in Cambridge contributes to the degree you are registered for at your home institution.

Please merge all the documents into a single PDF file and email it to admin@cdh.cam.ac.uk by the appropriate deadline, given below.

Cambridge Digital Humanities does not usually have funds to support Academic Visitors, and Visitors are responsible for organising their own accommodation while in Cambridge.

Please note that applications will be judged strictly on academic merit.

If you have any questions, please contact: admin@cdh.cam.ac.uk

Deadline to Apply


  • 18 January 2022 for visits beginning April/May 2022
  • 26 April 2022 for visits beginning October 2022
  • 4 October 2022 for visits beginning January 2023

All visits will be subject to UK travel advice and University guidance.


Karen Herbane

Karen Herbane

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