Have you got an idea for a digital resource or project, or identified a larger funding source for a digital project but would like assistance in preparing your bid?

Cambridge Digital Humanities offers funding and expertise to support such research activity. The programme is open to all University of Cambridge researchers and staff (including ECR researchers) in areas relevant to Digital Humanities. Since its inception in 2020, we have supported many applicants, some of which are listed below.

Creative initiatives should be connected in some way to Cambridge. We do like to see longer term digital preservation, in particular for digitisation, which may for example be hosted on the Cambridge University Digital Library platform. You may apply for support to create digital media, host DH method related workshops, digitise archives/objects, hone a project for a particular funding call, the list goes on. For further information see the Funding Categories tab above.

CDH can also support initiative’s that do not require financial support, but require input to your project idea. If you would like to propose an idea, please contact us here.

  • The applications for this funding round has now closed.

Funding Categories

The funding provided by CDH allowed to develop a first prototype of the game and host a series of workshops with school teachers, game developers and academics. Without this funding we would not have been able to put this project together and apply for more funding to carry on. Thank you to CDH for supporting us!

  • Dr Alexis Litvine, Pembroke College and Senior Researcher at CAMPOP.

Bid Development Awards

Providing support of up to £2000 for projects in the process of developing bids for funding in the digital humanities, supporting the practical steps towards the development of coherent and realisable bids for submission to funding bodies. Activities might include honing a project for a specific funding call, shaping digital humanities critical approaches and methodologies, clarifying research questions, funding assistance with scoping and costing technical aspects, identifying and building networks and finding external partnerships.

Digital Resources Awards

Providing funding of up to £1000 to create digital resources supporting DH research. Resources may take the form of images (2D or 3D), film, audio, as well as more specialist forms of imaging and analysis. In addition, the creation of sample data sets as part of the creation of larger research bids is within scope of this funding. Priority will be given to applications that can demonstrate a broader benefit to digital humanities as a whole and that address specific research questions.

Project Incubation Awards

Providing initial seed funding of up to £2000 for digital humanities projects as the basis of development towards larger funding bids. Funding will usually be awarded to projects that can demonstrate broad significance to the digital humanities while addressing specific research questions. Examples include the development and testing of research methodologies, experimental technological work towards developing standards, tools and platforms, work towards the establishment of networks and partnerships, or building digital humanities skills and knowledge in the academic community. The limited scope of the funding means that applications should be tightly focused on particular problem areas with an emphasis on experimental approaches.

Projects we've supported:

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