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ƐPSILON is a virtual space within which an international consortium of historians is recreating the complex of overlapping correspondence networks that helped shape nineteenth-century science. Vast numbers of letters survive in archives, libraries and private collections around the world. Men and women from all walks of life shared information and ideas, hammered out emerging theories, and explored new discoveries, but many of their contributions are all but lost, scattered among too many collections to be easily used. Traditional editions of letters have concentrated on the viewpoints of a few famous individuals, but even taken together, they tell only a tiny part of a fascinating story. Reconnecting the letters of men such as Charles Darwin, André-Marie Ampère, Michael Faraday and others is just the start. ƐPSILON will provide a framework within which to capture the far-flung fragments of other lives in science, opening up new avenues of research and revealing the collaborative shape of scientific endeavour as never before.   


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