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The Casebooks Project focuses on the medical records of a pair of English astrologers in the decades around 1600. Simon Forman and Richard Napier conducted 80,000 consultations and produced one of the largest surviving sets of medical records in history. The project has five main outputs: a dataset...

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Online Chopin Variorum Edition (OCVE)

The Online Chopin Variorum Edition provides digital images of the manuscripts and first editions of select works by the Polish composer Fryderyk Chopin. It facilitates and enhances comparative analysis of these primary sources, attaining a degree of flexibility beyond that of extant printed...

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Mapping the Jewish Communities of the Byzantine Empire

The aim of the project is to map the Jewish presence in the Byzantine empire using GIS (Geographical Information Systems). Information (published and unpublished) about the Jewish communities is gathered and collated and data incorporated in a GIS available online. Users are able to create maps...

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Visual Representations of the Third Plague Pandemic

Visual Representations of the Third Plague Pandemic collects and analyses photographs as well as other visual documents of the third plague pandemic, which broke out in 1855 in Southwest China (Yunnan) and raged across the globe until 1959, causing the death of approximately 12 million people. As...

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epsilon.png ƐPSILON is both a research consortium and a developing, flexible,technical infrastructure for recreating the network of practitioners who expanded scientific knowledge in the long nineteenth century. It will promote and support the digital creation, delivery, and preservation of...

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