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ƐPSILON is both a research consortium and a developing, flexible,technical infrastructure for recreating the network of practitioners who expanded scientific knowledge in the long nineteenth century. It will promote and support the digital creation, delivery, and preservation of scientific correspondence. Designed to link letter-texts from multiple sources for cross-searching and analysis, Epsilon will open up c19th science letters to the next generation of researchers and the widest possible public audience.

ƐPSILON is being designed to:

  • Maintain the independent identity of ongoing projects
  • Recognise the right of the originator to be identified
  • Accept material in multiple formats
  • Offer different levels of controlled access

And to take texts, metadata, and images from:

  • Completed and ongoing born-digital projects
  • Orphaned digital projects
  • Print only projects, completed, in progress, in and out of copyright
  • Print and digital projects in various formats
  • Ebook publications
  • Individual digital transcriptions of letters created by scholars
  • Crowd-sourced transcription from digitised images



Project website


Project team

Dr Alison Pearn, Co-ordinator

Dr Michael Hawkins, Technical director



Darwin Correspondence Project
Cambridge University Library



Cambridge Digital Library
The Darwin Correspondence Project
The John Stevens Henslow Project
The Joseph Dalton Hooker Correspondence Project at Kew
The Correspondence of Michael Faraday
The Correspondence of John Tyndall


DH themes

Text encoding
Digital editions