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Mind Over Chatter podcast - What did the future look like in the past?

6 May 2021

We all have theories about what the future might look like. But what did the future look like in the past? And how have the advent of new technologies altered how people viewed the future? Listen to the Mind Over Chatter podcast with Dr Johnua Nall, Professor Caroline Bassett, and Dr Jonnie Penn.

'Trust and Authority in the Digital Age' lecture series announced

6 May 2021

The UoB/Trinity College Dublin research network has been working for some time researching one of the key central questions in the digital world: how can we know whom and what to trust when there is so much information available? Distinguished speakers will address this theme from a variety of disciplinary perspectives.

Gale Digital Scholar Lab

4 May 2021

Wondering how the Gale Digital Scholar Lab can help your DH research methods? Andy Corrigan from the Cambridge Digital Library shares his initial exploration.

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