Digital Humanities is an area of strategic importance to the University of Cambridge. Cambridge Digital Humanities, established in 2017, is an inter-disciplinary research centre, homed in the School of Arts and Humanities, shared with the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, and crossing multiple Schools and other units including the University Library, Cambridge collections and other research centres. It is currently hosted by CRASSH, the centre for cultural studies. CDH is leading the development of new MPhil degree in Digital Humanities, based in the Faculty of English.

We define Digital Humanities as encompassing work on the cultural, social, and epistemic impacts of digital technologies (around data, on everyday life, in relation to literary, cultural forms, medium studies, including issues of technocratic rationality, power and justice); digital research methodologies; computational humanities; digital libraries and archival-based research; digital performance, and exhibition (including in cultural institutions); and research exploring cultural and social impacts of emerging technologies – notably around data, and AI informed developments in, for example, face recognition, automatic writing and the social/cultural impacts of robotics.

CDH collaborates with researchers to generate and develop Digital Humanities scholarship across the arts and humanities. We develop and deliver research projects, explore emerging research areas, and collaborate with international partners. We work with Cambridge University Library, with Cambridge University collections, and with multiple faculties and research centres. We collaborate with a wide range of international partners in Europe and the US and a priority is to develop deeper Global South links. Our aim is to further an expansive form of Digital Humanities that encompasses work with collections, literature as digital humanities, global digital humanities, critical media theorization, digital media, methodological advancement, future and emerging technologies including AI and machine learning.


CDH is made up of a core team that run the centre’s outputs from research to networking. We also have associate members, methods fellows and occasionally PhD students and visiting scholars.

Our Associate community is drawn from academics, developers, researchers and others with the aim to build an expert community, to enable the sharing of research and infra-structural knowledge, and to increase our capacity to bring together people doing DH research across a wide range of areas.

Our Methods Fellows share their expertise in methods or practices relevant to DH research. They design and deliver a series of (currently online) workshop sessions and are active in the growing CDH community.

We welcome applications for short term academic visits from graduate students and researchers from other universities.


Cambridge Digital Humanities

Tel: +44 1223 766886