In this podcast series, meet the diverse community of researchers in the Digital Humanities field, who create and shape knowledge and influence the ways in which we view the world around us.

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Episode 1: Ghosts, Robots, Automatic Writing

We meet the authors of “Ghosts, Robots, Automatic Writing: an AI Level Study Guide”, Dr Anne Alexander and Professor Alan Blackwell and answer the question, can a machine learning algorithm write a Jane Austen novel?

Read more about the Ghost Fictions project here:

Episode 2: Digital Colonialism

In this episode, we speak to Siddharth Soni and Avani Tandon Vieira about the quiet power of the archive.

Read more about the research network Digital Afterlives here:

Episode 3: WE ARE i

We meet the collective who are staging an artistic response to the Faustian pact we make with technology…

Read more about the evolution of this project, The Faust Shop, here:

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