Is there any preference to applicants from certain prior backgrounds/completed coursework or projects? (for example, any background in computer science or cultural analytics)?

In terms of the subject area of your first degree, we do not have any specific requirements but would look at the quality of the applicant’s research proposal, the strength of their case for joining a Digital Humanities degree course. The course involves engagement with digital methods – for which you do not need any specialist skills. As the MPhil will be assessed through a written dissertation and essays, we will be looking for evidence of strong writing skills in prospective students (this would be particularly relevant for applicants from outside the humanities and social sciences).

How do I write a research proposal?

We have created some guidelines to help you write your research proposal, which are available here:

What aspects of a candidate will be assessed in terms of qualifications – other than those listed on the site currently – for this particular degree?

Please refer to the general admissions guidance on general entry requirements:

Additional requirements for this particular degree are found here:

How do I find out if my non-UK undergraduate major meets your entry requirements?

You will need to check via this link to see how your international degree mark would convert to the UK grade required (follow the drop down links and choose your country):


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