The Cambridge Data Schools are intensive, application-only schools that aim to democratise access to tools and methods for digital data collection, analysis and reporting, and to foster the development of ethical practices in digital research.

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In 2022, we expanded our data schools programme to run four schools a year: two online and two in-person. You can read more about that decision here:

Cultural Heritage

The Cultural Heritage Data School, led by Cambridge Digital Humanities, is an online intensive teaching programme which aims to bring together participants from the wider Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums (GLAM) sector and academia to explore the methods used to create, visualise and analyse digital archives and collections. The curriculum will be structured around the digital collections and archives pipeline, covering the general principles and applied practices involved in the generation, exploration, visualisation, analysis and preservation of digital collections and archives.

Social Data School

The Social Data School is an application only online intensive teaching programme structured around the life-cycle of a digital research project, covering principles of research design, data collection, cleaning and preparation, methods of analysis and visualisation, and data management and preservation practices. The Social Data School includes modules exploring the challenges to data protection principles in a world where networked surveillance is fast becoming the norm. We will also analyse the social and cultural impact of recent advances in machine learning driven systems for classifying and generating images and texts, and discuss and deploy data-intensive methods for the analysis of disinformation on social media platforms.

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