January 2023

Mapping the Road to Archival Justice

COP27 in Egypt: Between data colonialism and climate justice

November 2022

October 2022

MPhil in Digital Humanities: What it means to be human in an increasingly digital world

August 2022

Grassroots Data Wranglers

An Introduction to Geolocation Tools for Open Source Investigations (originally taught at the 2022 Social Data School)

Importing Shapefile Data with Blender GIS with Nicholas Masterton (originally taught at the 2022 Social Data School)

Import CSV data into Blender (originally taught at the 2022 Social Data School)

June 2022

Digital Investigations: Towards a transformative practice with Dr Irving Huerta

March 2022

Colonialism in the digital archives and methods for history teaching | ACADA Part 1

Colonialism and racism in archival descriptions | ACADA Part 2

Geospatiality and Slavery | ACADA Part 3

Dr Siddharth Soni on AntiColonial Archives in the Digital Age | ACADA Part 4

(Anti)Colonial Archives in the Digital Age: Panel | ACADA Part 5

A space for reflection | On (Anti)Colonial Archives in the Digital Age, a response by Robert Good

February 2022

Cultural Heritage Data School 2022: Q&A

The Knowable Past | Professor Tim Hitchcock

November 2021

Digital Humanities

May 2021

CDH Social Data School 2021: Q & A session

February 2021

Digital Interreligious Encounters in Urban Contexts (DIEUX)

January 2021

Cultural Heritage Data School 2021 Q&A

Cultural Heritage Data School 2021 I Chiara Capulli

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