March 2022

Colonialism in the digital archives and methods for history teaching | ACADA Part 1

Colonialism and racism in archival descriptions | ACADA Part 2

Geospatiality and Slavery | ACADA Part 3

Dr Siddharth Soni on AntiColonial Archives in the Digital Age | ACADA Part 4

(Anti)Colonial Archives in the Digital Age: Panel | ACADA Part 5

A space for reflection | On (Anti)Colonial Archives in the Digital Age, a response by Robert Good

February 2022

Cultural Heritage Data School 2022: Q&A

The Knowable Past | Professor Tim Hitchcock

November 2021

Digital Humanities

May 2021

CDH Social Data School 2021: Q & A session

February 2021

Digital Interreligious Encounters in Urban Contexts (DIEUX)

January 2021

Cultural Heritage Data School 2021 Q&A

Cultural Heritage Data School 2021 I Chiara Capulli

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