The University of Cambridge is pleased to announce a new MPhil in Digital Humanities starting in October 2022.

Digital Humanities (DH) is a rapidly expanding interdisciplinary field. It represents an arts, humanities, and social science-based response to the challenges and opportunities of the digital transformation of knowledge production and to changes in cultures and societies – including changes in cultural forms, practices, social being – arising through the advent of pervasive computational mediation.

The MPhil will provide the opportunity to specialise in a chosen subject area as well as an advanced level introduction to DH approaches, methods and theory. It will offer core and optional elements and end with a substantial final project or dissertation. The MPhil provides critical and practical literacy, the chance to advance an extant specialization by re-contextualizing it in relation to advanced theoretical work, and the chance to develop as a DH scholar. 

Successful students may stay with DH, return to a ‘home’ discipline for advanced study with new skills and knowledge, or find a career in media and creative arts, GLAM (galleries, libraries, archives and museums), archival, digital or other sectors.

Cambridge Digital Humanities is thrilled to be partnering with the Faculty of English in offering this new MPhil, and would like to encourage applications from a variety of backgrounds.

Deadline: Jan 2022

Start date: Oct 2022


  • Posted 7 Sep 2021

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