ƐPSILON launch

In September the Darwin Correspondence Project, working with Cambridge Digital Library, launched ƐPSILON: a collaborative digital framework for 19th-century letters of science. The initial release contains full texts or metadata for almost 45,000 letters and provides access to material by Charles Darwin, André-Marie Ampère, Ferdinand von Mueller, Joseph Dalton Hooker, John Tyndall, Sir John Herschel, Michael Faraday and the first publication of the letters of Cambridge botanist John Stevens Henslow.

The ƐPSILON platform links together on-going correspondence projects such as the Darwin Correspondence Project as well as the Joseph Dalton Hooker Correspondence project run by Kew, and in the future will provide an online repository where scholars can deposit smaller batches of correspondence they wish to be made public. The project also incorporates correspondence already published in print, currently providing the only online version of the correspondence of Michael Faraday.

The launch of ƐPSILON represents the first phase of the project and plans are underway to ensure that many more sets of nineteenth-century science correspondence from around the world are incorporated in the future.

  • Posted 12 Oct 2018

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