Claire is interested in the aesthetics of interactive fiction (IF) and how they might connect to broader digital behaviours. More specifically, she’s exploring how the normalised usages of the second person voice and the present tense in IF create slippage for players’ immersion as they are simultaneously readers and characters, thus balancing and bouncing between extra/diegetic modes of engagement. Her research methodologies include actor-network theory, disability studies, critical code studies, and new media theory.

Last year, Claire co-hosted the Cambridge Theatre Hackathon, a fast-paced workshop and performance exploring the contours of digital interactive theatre around the theme of memory allocation. This year, she is co-convening the Cultural Politics of Code, a critical code studies reading group.

Claire is the recipient of the Judith E Wilson Studentship and is a 2023-2024 Methods Fellow affiliated with Pembroke College. Claire holds a B.A. from Yale University in English and Computer Science and has completed her M.F.A. in Creative Writing at the University of St Andrews. She is from New York (state) and likes to cook (pasta).

Cambridge Digital Humanities

Tel: +44 1223 766886