Giulia Grisot is a researcher interested in the mechanisms by which humans process and understand language and literature, and in the ways linguistic data can be explored computationally. She is currently part of the research project “High Mountains Low Arousal? Distant Reading Topographies of Sentiment in German Swiss Novels in the early 20th Century“. Her PhD project explored language processing of difficulties in literary texts, with a particular focus on Virginia Woolf. It combined stylistics and psycholinguistics methods (in particular, eye tracking) to investigate textual complexities from an empirical viewpoint.

Giulia grew up climbing trees and playing ball-games in a small town, learning to love nature and the outdoors. She cooks, tries to keep fit, plays the violin and does her best with a number of other instruments. She has a passion for languages and an innate curiosity towards the mechanisms that allow language understanding.

Cambridge Digital Humanities

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