Gefeng Liu has completed her undergraduate in archaeology at Renmin University of China and graduated from Peking University with a major in sociology. Her initial interest in digital humanities was sparked by involving in the curation of exhibitions and designing visual products when AI, VR, and AR were amazingly applied.

Fascinated by urban sociology, she visualized the spatial change process and deciphered how the digital record shapes and rewrites urban spaces in Beijing. Specializing in urban informality has drawn her attention to subcultures that cluster within it. As an enthusiast of anime, idol culture, and video games, she investigated how subcultures iterate on forms of practice in the face of digital technology.

She looks forward to exploring the interdisciplinary world of revealing and revitalizing the value of humanities through digital methods. Having lived in Chengdu for 3/4 of her life and Beijing for 1/4, she is about to start a serendipitous journey here in CDH.

Cambridge Digital Humanities

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