Itamar Shatz is a researcher at Cambridge who examines various aspects of the digital humanities, social sciences, and data science. He is particularly interested in intersections between these fields, including how data-science techniques can revolutionise the digital humanities and social sciences, and how social-science concepts can inform data-science practices.

Itamar published work on many topics within these fields, such as working with big language data and reducing cognitive biases when teaching statistics. He also discusses these and related topics when teaching quantitative and computational methods himself at Cambridge, and when giving talks. His goal in doing this is to open up new directions of research and to facilitate research that is broader, more robust, more generalisable, and more impactful.

In addition, Itamar is a science communicator, who authors two websites: Effectiviology, which is about psychology and philosophy that have practical applications, and Solving Procrastination, which is about why we procrastinate and how to stop.

Cambridge Digital Humanities

Tel: +44 1223 766886