Simone Abbiati is a second-year PhD student in Transcultural studies in the humanities at the University of Bergamo, with a “department of Excellence” researcher grant for Digital Humanities. He graduated in Contemporary Italian Literature at the University of Milan, worked on the narratological category of spatiality in “The Experience of Pain” by C.E. Gadda (BA) and in me. Calvino’s “Cosmicomics” (MA). His work relates to the hermeneutic rethinking of DH methodologies regarding fictional space. He is particularly interested in combining text mining and digital cartography to reflect on politically debated spaces in literature.

He is currently working on the British-Irish border and the Basque Country. He aims to strengthen the social impact of literary analysis by identifying how literature mirrors different border conceptions and experiences, such as complex territorialisation processes and terrorism.

Cambridge Digital Humanities

Tel: +44 1223 766886