Xian Xu (徐娴) is a writer and researcher in film and computational media. Currently, she is a Ph.D. candidate in HKUST VisLab and majored in Computational Media and Arts, Individualized Interdisciplinary Program, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). She received her BA in Directing (Film and TV Producing) and MFA in Studies of Drama (Film and TV) from the Central Academy of Drama, China. She is a five-time national scholarship winner and Beijing’s outstanding graduate student winner. She participated in the TV play Our Glamorous Time as a scriptwriter in 2017 and has published a book I Like To be Independent. Her research interests and artworks mainly focus on the interdisciplinary study of data-driven storytelling, transmedia storytelling, cinematic arts, and education in VR or the Metaverse. Her works were published in ACM CHI (special interest group on Computer-Human interaction) and IEEE VIS (Visualisation Conference). Xian completed a research visit with CDH April – June 2023.



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