Yuqin Jiang is a Professor of Comparative Literature at Shenzhen University, a director of Digital Humanities Studies at the school of Humanities, and a Fellow of Chinese Comparative Literature Association.

Jiang primarily focuses her research on cyborg narrative, sci-fi poetics, digital humanities and science fiction studies, postcolonial literature studies, and cultural theory studies. She has recently edited a book titled “Interviews with Contemporary Chinese Science Fiction Writes”(Nanjing University Press, 2023), and authored two books: “Theoretical Imagination: Northrop Frye’s Cultural Criticism” (China Social and Science Publishing House, 2009) and “Writing Politics: A Survey of Postcolonial Literature” (Jiangxi People’s Publishing House, 2013). Additionally, she has also published over 40 literary and theoretical essays on various subjects, including cyborg theory, cyborg narrative, postcolonial ecocriticism, science fiction studies, post-colonialism, cultural criticism, and English literature in numerous domestic and international journals. The representative papers are as following:

  1. Jiang, Yuqin. Ecotech, “Alienation, and Science Realism in the Chinese Cyborg Novel Waste Tide”. Comparative Literature Studies, 2020(4)
  2. Jiang, Yuqin & Peter Hadju, “AI Emotion in Science Fiction: An Introduction”. Neohelicon. 2022.12
  3. Jiang, Yuqin. “On Cyborg Narrative and Discourse in Chinese Science Fiction”. Journal of Shanxi University. 2023(3)
  4. Jiang, Yuqin. “A Study of Cyborg Theory”. Foreign Aesthetics. 2021(5)
  5. Jiang, Yuqin. “Cultural Ecology and a New Study of Youth Cultural Theory”. Frontier of Literary Theory. 2022(4).
  6. Jiang, Yuqin. “Posthuman Theory as a New Direction of Comparative Literature Studies”. Chinese Comparative Literature. 2021(1)
  7. Jiang, Yuqin. “Spatial Imagination and Postcolonial ecological Consciousness in Life of Pi”. Interdisciplinary Studies of Literature.2017
  8. Jiang, Yuqin. “On the Construction of Identity for diaspora Black People through Black Music in Poisson d’or”. Foreign Literature Studies. 2012(3)

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