8 Feb 2022 10:00 - 11:00 Online event


Basics: Bulk data capture
Dr Anne Alexander, Cambridge Digital Humanities and Huw Jones, Library Digital Humanities Coordinator (CDH Labs)
This Basics session investigates three different methods for accessing digital data ‘in bulk’: using an API (Application Programme Interface), web scraping and direct access (via download or on a hard drive). We will explore the importance of good practice in documenting the provenance of data that others have created and discuss the practical steps in research data management essential to ensuring that you are able to make legal and ethical use of this type of data in your research. No knowledge of programming languages is required, however, there will be a demonstration of a Python web scraper during the session and references to more in-depth tutorials on web scraping will be provided.
Basics sessions are open to staff and graduate students who want to learn and apply digital methods and use digital tools in their research.
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