7 Mar 2019 17:30 - 19:30 Upper Hall, Jesus College


The Jesus College Works of Art Committee warmly invites you to, Klimt’s Magic Garden: Making Virtual Reality Real, a lecture by Dr Frederick Baker (Centre for Film Studies and Wolfson College, University of Cambridge), on Thursday 7 March, at 5.30pm in Jesus College (Upper Hall) with introductions by Donal Cooper (Jesus College) & Ben Lumsden (Epic Games). Wine and refreshments will be provided.
Dr Baker will present his award-winning VR experience following its successful premiere last year at the Museum for Applied Arts (MAK) in Vienna, as a key element in the city’s programme to commemorate the 1918-2018 centenary of Gustav Klimt’s death. 
Virtual Reality is the new art from of the 21st Century. Frederick Baker has created an artistic Virtual Reality Experience by transforming Gustav Klimt’s Stoclet frieze into an interactive landscape on the theme of Expectation and Fulfillment. In collaboration with the 3D designer Markus Cermak, the work uses the unreal engine and gaming hardware to allow the visitor a fully immersive encounter with a digital world which is both film, architecture, fine art and George Taylor’s sound track.
Visitors will be able to experience Klimt’s Magic Garden in Jesus College’s West Court Gallery for a limited three day run, 8–10 March, further details will follow.
Klimt’s Magic Garden was commissioned by the Museum for Applied Arts in Vienna in 2018 https://www.mak.at/en/klimts_magic_garden__2018-02-07
and won the Silver Medal for cinematic VR at the European VR festival Amsterdam 2018https://www.staff.admin.cam.ac.uk/awards/silver-medal-for-cinematic-virtual-reality-awarded-to-dr-frederick-baker
The talk is organised by Works of Art Committee at Jesus College and supported by Epic Games Unreal. 

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