Dr Alexis Litvine is a College Lecturer at Pembroke College and a Researcher at The Cambridge Group for the History of Population and Social Structure (CAMPOP).

Alexis is a comparative economic historian of eighteenth and nineteenth-century France and Europe, interested in all things related to the Industrial Revolution. His work has been focused on the social construction and diffusion of economic norms, the history of temporality and spatiality in the context of industrialisation, and the history of mechanical labour surveillance. Having also recently developed a strong interest in Digital Humanities, and specifically: historical geospatial analysis, corpus linguistics and Handwritten Text Recognition for complex historical documents, combining advances in the fields of Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing to extract and process very large amounts (several millions and in some cases billions of images) of historical data.

The THOTH technology (www.thothtranscription.org) is now used to produce data for several social sciences research projects in France and the UK. Alexis is one of the founders of a startup, Osiris-AI, that processes documents for businesses and the heritage sector.

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