27 May 2022 11:00


Speaker: Dr Paul Expert, Lecturer in Health Informatics at University College London

In this presentation, Dr Expert will outline how a complex system approach can be beneficial to model and understand healthcare systems. In particular, he will discuss using complex networks as a representation of complex systems and focus on the usage of Electronic Health Records to represent patient movement in hospitals and analyse their effect on infection and length of stay.

The seminar Convenor is Chen Qu, Cambridge Digital Humanities Method Fellow, and Digital Rights Governance Expert at Cities Coalition for Digital Rights

About the speaker:

Speaker: Dr Paul Expert, Lecturer in Health Informatics at University College London

Paul Expert is a Lecturer in Health Informatics at the UCL Global Business School for Health.

He has pursued a wide range of interests during his post-doctoral career, reflecting his belief in the need for interdisciplinary research and science to tackle important questions. He has held post-doctoral positions in Digital Health at the Global Digital Health Unit at Imperial College London, Graph Theory and Machine Learning in the Centre for the Mathematics of Precision Medicine in the department of Mathematics at Imperial College London, and in Neuroscience at the Centre for Neuroimaging Sciences at the IoPPN, King’s College London.

He earned his PhD in Physics in the Centre for Complexity Sciences at Imperial College London under the supervision of Profs Kim Christensen and Henrik Jensen. Before that, he obtained a BSc and MSc in Physics and an MSc in Statistics from the University of Geneva.

Paul’s research interests lie in understanding complex systems, and in particular in developing and applying methods to find and characterise structures in large, complex data.

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