9 Jun 2022 16:00 - 17:00 Online


Speaker: Dr Anan Wan Assistant Professor of Strategic Communication at Kansas State University, USA

Have you ever watched an Amazon live session to help you make a purchase decision? Do you know someone who can’t stop watching video game live streams on Twitch? Have you ever made an impulsive purchase after seeing your favourite influencer use the product on your social media? These applications of new media technologies have been gaining prevalence in all aspects of people’s lives worldwide.

 Meanwhile, they have received increasing criticism for the negative impacts on individual media users. Dr. Anan Wan from Kansas State University, USA, will talk about her research on the “dark side” of these new media technologies’ impacts on media users’ wellbeing. Her talk will cover how two new media technologies – social live streaming and social media influencer marketing – lead to undesirable consequences for media users in China and the USA. In addition, she will discuss how the media industry and policymakers can better protect the common media users, especially adolescents and younger adults, and regulate the major players in the industry. 

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