This digitisation award is helping to compile and digitise archival materials on slavery in nineteenth-century Puerto Rico. Further, this project uses mixed-media and geographic information systems to weave an intergenerational story about an Afro-Puerto Rican family to craft an online database for researchers of slavery in the Atlantic World.


  • Andrea Morales Loucil, Latin American Studies/King’s College

Andrea Morales Loucilis a cultural historian and literary scholar from Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. She is currently a Gates-Cambridge Scholarship recipient pursuing a Ph.D. in Latin American Studies at King’s College, University of Cambridge. Her dissertation explores the production of revolutionary poetics in the Spanish Caribbean during the nineteenth-century. Moreover, her work explores how revolutionaries of African descent in Cuba and Puerto Rico used literature to advocate for abolition, organise toward independence, and forge bonds of Afro-diasporic resistance. Andrea’s research broadens how Cuban and Puerto Rican conceptualisations of ‘race’ affect contemporary understandings of historical narratives, literary movements, and nation-building processes in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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