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Well over one hundred DH-related projects have taken place at the University of Cambridge in recent years or are currently being pursued; examples can be seen here. These can be clustered under principal research themes, and they can also be summarised according to Patrik Svensson's typology of a few mutually dependent and co-existing areas:

Digital as Tool

where digital methods are scholarship

Arthur Schnitzler Digital;
Cambridge New Greek Lexicon Project;
Civilizations in Contact;
Darwin Correspondence Project;
Greek Bible in Byzantine Judaism
Online Chopin Variorum Edition;
Sanskrit Project
Semantics of Ancient Hebrew Database.

Digital as a Study Object

where humanities methods are used to analyse digital cultures and activities

Cambridge Companion to Music and Digital Culture;
Conspiracy and Democracy;
Digital Afterlives;
Digital Literature for Children;
Egypt's Contentious Media;
Technology and Democracy;
The Concept Lab

Digital as Expressive Medium

where digital methods and content create novel forms of scholarly communication and interaction

The Personal Histories Project;
Politics and Interactive Media in Africa (Africa's Voices);
The Museum as Interface

Digital as Exploratory Lab

where experimental approaches are taken to humanities datasets, materials and issues;

Digital as Activist Venue

where digital technologies facilitate cultural and social critiques

Additional projects

Digitally Mapping the Romanian Avant-gardes;
Ethics and Governance of Autonomous Systems and Machine Learning in the Digital Society;
Visual Representations of the Third Plague Pandemic;
and others found on the University Library DH projects page